School Captains

Congratulations to our school captains for 2022. We had a large number of students apply to be captains and certainly a very strong field of applicants. It made our role as a leadership panel quite challenging!

Congratulations to all the students who applied that missed out, we appreciate your interest to volunteer for the role, and will look for other ways that you can be leaders and role models in our school.

Thank you to our Monarch Community teachers for supporting the students through the process of articulating what they think a leader is, what kind of leader they would like to be and some of the ideas they have for our school.

We will present captains with their badges at assembly this term. Well done everyone!

School Captains:
Harvinjeet Singh 5/6 D
Daniella Nars 5/6 E
Pavneet Kaur 5/6 B
Razin Mozafari 5/6 A

House Captains
Yellow - Layan Hamid 5/6 C & Adis Panicker 5/6 A
Green - Fatima Raed 5/6 E & Sabrah Jones 5/6 A
Blue - Natalya Rafooraha 5/6 A & Nasrin Sultani 5/6 B
Red - Anthony Samy 5/6 D & Anton Binoj 5/6 A

Performing Arts Captains
Shylah Jenkins 5/6 A & Alisha Sabharwal 5/6 B

STEM Captains
Wafic Bekdache 5/6 B & Daksh Jaiswal 5/6 D

Italian Captains
Mia Orsida 5/6 C & Ali Reihani Pour 5/6 D

Visual Arts Captains
Prabhleen Cheema 5/6 B & Salam Fakhri 5/6 E