A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Aitken Hill Primary School. My name is Pete Hansen and I am the proud inaugural Principal of Aitken Hill Primary School. I am a passionate educator that believes in the development of the whole child.

In choosing our school for your child’s education, you are entering into a most significant and valuable partnership. The importance of this partnership between home and school is reflected in both the students’ learning and the students’ sense of belonging to the school community. We will personalise the learning for your child to ensure they experience success every day.

Aitken Hill Primary School is proud to offer a learning environment that is reflective of 21st Century design. We are committed to providing your child with innovative teaching approaches and we will deliver a rigorous and relevant curriculum reflective of the 21st Century to best equip our students for the future.

Teachers at Aitken Hill Primary School work together to exchange knowledge and ideas, develop their strengths and build a culture of collaboration. They will be supported to develop their skills as educators to ensure that the curriculum is challenging and engaging for our students.​


Our teaching staff are caring passionate people who are committed to providing the best education for all of our students. Our aim is to ensure we cater for not only your child’s academic success but also their wellbeing.


Community links and connections will also be essential in the development of our school. We are passionate about engaging communities and strengthening authentic community links. Together we can create a dynamic and engaging school community both inside and outside the school.

Aitken Hill is a place where students and families learn, grow and fly.


I look forward to working with you and your family.

Pete Hansen