Learning Communities

Building and Environment


The masterplan for Aitken Hill is formed around a central east-west learning street, with learning community buildings to the north and south of the street. The learning street connects the Administration building at one end and the Performing Arts and Physical Education building and sports courts at the other. It functions as a primary circulation route, an outdoor learning environment and a playground.

Learning Communities

The education design strategy for the primary Learning Community buildings is to create diverse, purposeful and collaborative learning environments through flexible learning spaces. Each Learning Community building includes a small number of physically enclosed and acoustically separate spaces and a collection of physically sheltered, interconnected collaborative learning settings. Storage and display units are used throughout to deliver resources to each setting, provide places to display student work, and to help define or contain individual spaces. 


2022 Learning Communities

  • Foundation
    • Achilles Learning Community
    • Luna Learning Community
  • Grade 1/2
    • Ulysses Learning Community
    • Xenica Learning Community
    • Argus Learning Community
  • Grade 3/4
    • Apollo Learning Community
    • Icarus Learning Community
  • Grade 5/6
    • Monarch Learning Community

The intent in each community building is to provide multiple learning settings that can be used in numerous ways. For children, choice provides opportunities for agency, autonomy and independent decision-making. For teachers, choice provides opportunities to differentiate learning for individual students. They can teach independently and collaboratively, moving seamlessly between the roles of instructor and roaming facilitator.